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A New Solar ROI Calculator Introduced By Solar Panels UK

Nov 3, 2012

Solar PV CalculatorFollowing a number of announcements made in the last few weeks by gas and electricity suppliers that they are significantly raising their prices for millions of their customers wouldn’t you like to be able to easily obtain an assessment of how much you can potentially save in energy costs by having solar panels installed and without feeling under pressure by salespeople? Well now you can and it costs you absolutely nothing to find out!

A new Solar PV Calculator has just come onto the market having been launched by one of the top solar panel websites in the UK - This calculator will allow homeowners that are considering having solar panelling installed on their roofs to work out that very important factor-the return on investment (ROI).

The Solar PV Calculator very cleverly, just like similar calculators, takes a number of important factors into account such as your roof’s pitch, the number of solar panels and the direction the panels will point towards in order to work out the probable ROI.

However, this calculator also utilises your GPS’s co-ordinates to find out the average sun time where your home is situated. If you think that sounds impressive you will be pleased to hear that it has another useful tool included within its software that allows you to identify the preferred location of the solar panels on your roof to achieve maximum performance. This extra in-built technology shows a significant variance on the earnings potential figures previously revealed– in fact by as much as £5,500 over a period of 25 years

Danielle Biggs, who is the Marketing Executive for Solar Panels UK commented:

“We are very excited about the launch of our new Solar PV Calculator. It is yet another weapon in our arsenal as we try to bring renewable energy to more homes within the UK.”

“It is by no means a new idea but by bringing together all the latest advancements in technology, we feel we have been able to improve on many of the solar energy calculators available today.”

So, if you have been considering looking into having solar panels installed on your roof why not make this your first step in your research and utilise this free Solar PV Calculator.

For further information visit Solar Panels UK Google+ page here.

Solar Calculator


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