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Solar Power Moves Forward in Haiti, Creativity Flows

Dec 7, 2012

NRG Energy, Inc. has announced the completion of its "The Sun Lights the Way" project in the Boucan Carre region of Haiti. The program entailed the installation of solar electric systems at 20 schools, a fish farm and a drip irrigation system supporting agricultural production throughout Haiti's Central Plateau region, through collaboration with the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), a nonprofit organization. 

This is the smart way to proceed in countries like Haiti.  Instead of underestimating the people — who have long showed that they wisely know how to maximize every recource, including garbage — it is time to shed light on common sense and creativity.

These installations complete NRG's "The Sun Lights the Way: Brightening Boucan Carre" project, funded by the company's $1 million commitment made through the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) and an additional $500,000 pledge from the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. This project helps to improve the quality of education for more than 6,000 Haitian students by providing the electricity needed to power lights, communication systems, laptop computers and other school equipment in a remote area of the country. The solar irrigation system, or "Solar Market Garden (TM)," will help to increase the production of crops at the Lashto Zanmi Agrikol farm by powering water pumps, while the solar array at the Lashto Fish Farm enables a dramatic increase in fish production by powering aerators for six tanks. 

The program already is improving the lives of thousands of people who have gained access to the regular supply of electricity for the first time in their lives,. The project aims to install solar power at schools and food production facilities in Haiti dovetails while respecting the environment, help end hunger, and improve access to better educational opportunities.

Solar energy allows schools that are in very remote locations — in one instance solar panels were transported by donkey — to power things like computers that can open up a whole new world of learning opportunities for students."

The project received support from Trina Solar (a leading integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) products), which donated all of the solar panels installed on the schools. 

Lead image: arindambanerjee via Shutterstock

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